Remember when you were in college and money was something you dreamed of having? Tilt made it possible for groups of people, not just college students, pool money together in order to create events, book trips, or help a fellow human being. While we were acquired by AirBnB, throughout its lifetime, Tilt was a well loved brand. I worked with insanely talented people including product managers, social media strategists, and a legendary copywriter to make Tilt a frat-household name.


Funding Awesome Campaign


The Funding Awesome campaign was created to play off of the stereotype that college students are only interested in getting lit. This campaign highlighted the broad range of events that Tilters created. Using the :smiley: and the :moneybag: to obscure the “U” and the “N” of the word “FUNDING” was intentional and meant to be interpreted as…well you know.

Tilt Tour


The Tilt Tour was an insane idea that only the Tilt team could pull off. We created a contest where college campuses competed to be on of the six cities to host a stop on the tour featuring The Chainsmokers. Call us crazy, but we had a blast making this happen. My role was to just make the event feel like something no one has experienced before. I created all collateral and on screen visuals for this event.